The Materials

The watercolors I use are QOR brand, specialized in artist quality products. The binder this brand uses is Aquazol © which is a product used in the conservation of works in museums. (Article
In the past, I've bought watercolors that with poor handling have faded into a ghost image. For this reason as an investor and an artist, I tasked myself in experimenting with my own works. Made on Arches paper and using QOR, Agolden acrylics and micron pen and left in the morning sun path for two years, although its brilliance was reduced, I was not aware until comparing the photographic evidence. No filtered glass protection was used. This gave me the confidence to keep using the products I've chosen. This way I ensure I am selling quality. 
Fabriano paper. Fabriano Artistico is handmade in moulds 100% cotton paper, which is acid-free - long life ISO 9706. Formulated to neutralize the acidic action of the environment. Even their cellulose paper is top quality. Read more at
Micron Pens and Higgings ink:-Higgins ( products are fade-proof, waterproof and highly pigmented as with the black magic ink.Micron pens ( are archival quality, fade resistant, chemically stable, pigment based ink. 
Golden Heavy Body Acrylics highly pigmented, viscose paint. approved for professional artist use according to ASTM these standards regulate paint consistency and demand finess and lightfastness of chosen pigments, use of 100 % acrylic binder, freeze - thaw stability.  (