Artist Biography

I am not a traditional loose painting watercolor artist and I don't apologize for it. I will never follow the crowd, I will build roads.  
 At 11 years of age she began Inking, with a dip pen under Wilfredo Labiosa tutelage, this transformed her life into black and white lines and scribbles. At the sametime she was exposed to other mediums of expression, ceramics at la liga de Arte, printmaking with Consuelo Gotay, knitting , cross-stitching to name a few but she would always return to her faithful india ink.  Just a few summers after ruining her favorite pants and shirts… She transitioned to Stained Glass with Ana Maria Guisti at Galería del vidrio in 1985, a passion she pursued for 32 years. In college she had professors such as Mary Ann Mackinnon, Adlin Rios, Eric Hayden French, Elizam Escobar and Mary Matter O'neill just to mention a few. Later she took classes in Stain Glass painting and fussing in Mexico  at Casa Saastun with professor Carlos Mendietta 2013 and 2014, And in Chicago at The Chicago Mosaic School with Sue Giannotti, Sue Combs and Ravenna Technique with Randi Matteo Nov-2015 and Jan-2016.
Growing up she struggled with loving her uniqueness eventually she learned with Reiki and tarot, to listen to her inner voice.

Recognizing and always acknowledging to follow the happiness within her heart, found self-love, inner peace, and the willingness to live In and by those emotions.

While she worked on Stained Glass, she would have more than one project going on. Maybe a Mosaic, a print on wood, a necklace but never left that art of sketching, having moved on from the china ink to micron pens, she had found that the pens were easier to transport. In 2018 she returned the basics with watercolors that gave her and her grandmother reminiscing stories of their time at 5 years of age when she taught her granddaughter how to work in watercolor. Lirio did take to other mediums like cold porcelain sculpting, acrylics photography, experimental mediums.

Her life journey has led her to understand that life has a spiritual and a material side to our human nature, and it's a delicate fine line between both.That for her to follow her spirit so strongly is like breathing. A necessary life choice. By understanding the Spiritual Nature of our human vessel, we can excel our soul into our destination and desire. Will be doing so by creating watercolor paintings, while letting her soul flow and fulfill its need for the creative artist in her.
Life is an odd mixture of wonderful and dire moments while having plans. Live to the fullest. To paraphrase John Lennon
Her Work Trayectory:
Her stained glass work exhibited in "Noche de Arte Empresarial, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón" alongside Eric Tabales, Rafael Trelles and Pablo Montes O'Neill 05-2012
Cabaret de lo Bizzarro at la Respuesta- where her art stayed, until june of the same year March-June-2014
Her mosaics are part of projects around the world-
Project manager Caroline Jung - Signs project in Germany 2014  and Footsteps project Germany 2017
Her mosaic have been gifted by the Chamber of Commerce in the event- "The Cellar at the Stained Glass" as prizes in a Evanston Illinois on Aug - 2016 -article by Evanston Woman's Magazine aug-18-2017 on Facebook.
Oceanos de Amor Tongoy, Chile part on 2015 and part 2 - Chile 2016 project coordinator Paulina Lagos Leudé
Her watercolors also feature in J. Mane Gallery online show Feb-March 2019
had In 2020 Her watercolors where published as cover art & inside pages with a personal interview on Lirio issue editor Katherine McDaniel
She has taught one on one, Stained Glass and Mosaics classes in Puerto Rico and In Chicago Illinois. She currently sell seasonal watercolors in San Juan Puerto Rico -at Puerto Rican Arts and Craft, Origen the Store, and Handcraft store 2022She also has a commercial illustration line of clothing at