About Me

Welcome to my store,

I am a Puerto Rican woman Artist. Who had this crazy idea of mashing my passion with my professional knowledge in retail, been an artist on the side since the early 80's. My passion for Illustrating has led me to create a streetwear brand that's vast, charismatic and fun. From this I've gathered the best quality products for you, to which I've added my designs. I am interested in representing your voice of sorts. To be fun, Fashionable and comfortable. If you feel comfortable in your clothes your self esteem will show. Self esteem starts with how one feels. When you dress comfortably and look your best doing so, you feel your best. This is my aim. That is, what you wear not only looks good on you, But reflects your personality. Unique designs that speak loud and clear, who you are. Because our personality is the only trait that makes us unique special individuals. If my designs speak to you, you have chosen to embrace the uniqueness within your skin. For that I am so proud of you, In our current society, it takes courage and being fearless to break from the mold.

Welcome to my world,