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Puerto Rico is paradise. Many of us who had to leave our home we got a new appreciation, and love for paradise, Puerto Rico. 

The Intertwined Resistencia Puerto Rico Flag inspired by the original Resistencia flag Created by "Grabadores por Grabadores" and mixing it with a Puerto Rico flag design I created  back in my college days. It still is a response to the socio-economic crisis of the Island, was and is going through. 

As part of the Artist community that has had to migrate and live in the "Diáspora '' I felt strongly about moving away from all my loved ones ❤ and my traditions. A new love was born that reaffirmed the Puerto Rican🇵🇷 identity in me and every other Puerto Rican I came across. Our resilience and capacity to  adapt with our circumstances makes me rethink our National Identity. Still experiencing the socio-economic crisis without losing the kind & loving people we are. That is the thought that birthed the dance of colors and black and white flags together. Both traditional and modern blue are incorporated into the triangle to represent the past and present.

The Fluid Puerto Rico flag is the original college design remastered digitally.

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